Weekly Inspiration

April 23, 2012: WEEK 1
Please write a short biography about yourself – and include a photograph!

In your biography, talk about why you are interested in your topic. Is there an example of the importance of this topic in your own life?

April 30, 2012: WEEK 2

Option 1:  This week, after we pitch our ideas, we’ll be working towards a storyboard, figuring out ways we can tell our stories through different mediums.  Write about what medium you are planning to use to tell your story and how this story is going to be told – Any interesting shots or interviews you want to record?  Any important information you want to make sure gets included?

Option 2: What makes your group’s story idea so unique?  How are you going to tell other people about your issue in a way that has not been done before?

May 16: WEEK 4

What are some challenges or difficulties you are facing as you begin production? How do you plan on tackling these challenges?
What are you looking forward to working on? Is there a particular aspect of production you are especially excited about?