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Finished Editing!

We are done!


We are adding the title, and just need to render our movie and it will be done! (Did it in Final Cut Pro)


P.S: Were did the weekly inspirations go? 🙂


Food Justice: Urban Gardening!! Shall We Update?

Hi, I thought I would do this cause I got some time to kill!

So, On Saturday, under the high heat and the blistering sun, we went outside! We lost a few gallons of sweat and went to 2 urban gardens! We interviewed several people – both organizers , and people who use the garden – and even volunteered a bit, planning on going there again in a week or 2.

Well, anyway, we suffered from the blistering heat, and yeah, that and that. We also had to search a bit for people to interview, as it’s being memorial day weekend meant that many people weren’t there.

The problem we encountered:
Memory. We should have brought an extra card.

So, yep!

Let the others of the group post!

Food Justice Update



Do research and look into topic

Come up with pitch focus (Call Georgiana)

Blog Bio for Georgiana

Look into organizations that do urban gardens/farming