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Bio: Casey

Hi! My name is Casey Ching and I am currently a Junior who is on the search of a dream (rather, dreams?). With one older sister and one younger brother, I am stuck in the middle with the huge task of taking care of them (this, however, has made me pretty good at taking care of people in general). I believe I am a well-rounded person as I am pretty flexible to new ideas and experiencing new things. I am both artistically, intellectually, and good-willedly (can’t find the right word at the moment) motivated. I play both the piano and the cello (yay music!); I draw and make things out of paper (it’s pretty vague, but yeah…); I am a bit of a math-sciencey person (depending on which branch of science); I am a slight grammar Nazi (just slightly); I tutor children at the library on Saturdays (giving back to the community). I also like animals in general (three cats, one snail, and one frog in my house at the moment).

Environment and how it is maintained has become a great concern. In the past, the pollution in both the air and on the ground didn’t really bother me — it was just something that I couldn’t fix so I just ignored it as everyone else does today. However, taking a trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, I realized just how bad the condition of New York City was. Littering is illegal in HK, so despite its similarity to NYC in its city-like nature, the cleanliness is incomparable. Furthermore, the number of people smoking in HK is much greater in NYC, making it practically unbearable to go for a walk there without any smoke getting in your face. With this visit, I was able to contrast the conditions of NYC with HK’s. With having another city to compare it to, I found that the condition of NYC should and could be changed. Furthermore, upon my three week visit to New Haven, CT last summer, I realized just how different it was to be able to breathe in fresh air any time I wanted (the morning air was the best) while I was outside as opposed to having to worry about all sorts of pollutants flying into your nose no matter where you are in NYC. Although the air is “okay” now, there is no telling what will happen in the future.


Bio: Georgiana

My name is Georgiana Yang. I attend Stuyvesant High School and I’m in 11th grade. I have a variety of interests that range from journalism to community service. I’m in the News department in my school newspaper, the Spectator, and I love to report on policies that affect the academic life at Stuy, which is the most important aspect of life as a Stuy student — at least in my opinion. I also immensely enjoy volunteering at hospitals and working with the children, parents and doctors/residents in the pediatrics division. There’s nothing like a smile on a grateful parent or child as they walk out the door.

Urban gardens have always been something present in my life and I just can’t imagine how different life would be like without them. Not only do my grandparents have a garden, but so the majority of the families living in my neighborhood. They always trade seeds, veggies and fruit. In addition to bringing us together as a community, urban gardens also provide a safer, healthier alternative to the imported vegetables and fruits sold at the supermarket. You never know how long those plants have been in transport and may have lost most of their nutrients by the time they are placed in the stands. There is also an unquestionable freshness in homegrown vegetables that can NOT be found inartificially ripened fruits and vegetables.


Bio: Benjamin

Hey all!

I’m Benjamin Kasavan, and am in 9th grade. I love technology; I built my own (1200$) computer, and love tinkering with electronics, a lot of which I scavenge from garbage. I have made an audio amplifier, an astable oscillator (Think something like a synthesizer), each for under 7$. Otherwise I have built myself a benchtop powersupply (Gives different DC Voltages) and some speakers with an amplifier. Both those were from stuff I collected from the trash.

I  go to the LFNY. That’s the Lycée Francais de New York. It’s a private french school around 75th street, which costs $27K per year. Yep. It costs 27 thousand dollars a year.  Thankfully, I’m on a scholarship, mostly because I am a french citizen (I have dual (American and French) citizenship). My dad’s American, and my mom’s French and my grandparents live in France, near Switzerland (In the region of Franche-Comté to be exact)

My grandparents have a garden, in which the plant tomatoes, parsley, cherries, zuchinni, and lots of other stuff.

The quality, especially the taste, between those, and other vegetables that you can buy, at a supermarket here is so much higher from there: Home grown vegetables, versus internationally imported vegs.

I’ll have a picture up… soon

Bio: Nicco


My name is Nicco Kirkland. I’m 17 years old and go to Academy For Young Writers. My interests include Technology, Reading, etc. The Topic I chose for the project was school closings. This interest me because a lot of schools around us are closing . They are closing because of all the expenses and I don’t think its fair to the students and teachers. This is something we should think about and i think we should express to others.

Bio: Imani

I’m Imani, I’m 17, and I live in New York City. I love movies, creating all forms of art, baking, winter, comic books, tofu, riding bikes, thrift stores, counter cultures, and Frank Sinatra. I like standing up and helping the “little” people of the world.

Educational problems have always upset/interest me. I go to school in New York City, which means there are an endless possibility of schools to go to, with an endless amount of problems as well. I’ve gone to several schools in my life. So I’ve seen first hand the different types of schools, and problems that each have. For instance, the gap between rich and poor schools. Racial differences and how certain schools with a certain ethnic background are treated better and have more funding. I think this project is perfect for me, because I am a student, and who’s opinion about education in nyc is better than ours?