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Finished Editing!

We are done!


We are adding the title, and just need to render our movie and it will be done! (Did it in Final Cut Pro)


P.S: Were did the weekly inspirations go? 🙂


Food Justice: Urban Gardening!! Shall We Update?

Hi, I thought I would do this cause I got some time to kill!

So, On Saturday, under the high heat and the blistering sun, we went outside! We lost a few gallons of sweat and went to 2 urban gardens! We interviewed several people – both organizers , and people who use the garden – and even volunteered a bit, planning on going there again in a week or 2.

Well, anyway, we suffered from the blistering heat, and yeah, that and that. We also had to search a bit for people to interview, as it’s being memorial day weekend meant that many people weren’t there.

The problem we encountered:
Memory. We should have brought an extra card.

So, yep!

Let the others of the group post!

Bio: Benjamin

Hey all!

I’m Benjamin Kasavan, and am in 9th grade. I love technology; I built my own (1200$) computer, and love tinkering with electronics, a lot of which I scavenge from garbage. I have made an audio amplifier, an astable oscillator (Think something like a synthesizer), each for under 7$. Otherwise I have built myself a benchtop powersupply (Gives different DC Voltages) and some speakers with an amplifier. Both those were from stuff I collected from the trash.

I  go to the LFNY. That’s the Lycée Francais de New York. It’s a private french school around 75th street, which costs $27K per year. Yep. It costs 27 thousand dollars a year.  Thankfully, I’m on a scholarship, mostly because I am a french citizen (I have dual (American and French) citizenship). My dad’s American, and my mom’s French and my grandparents live in France, near Switzerland (In the region of Franche-Comté to be exact)

My grandparents have a garden, in which the plant tomatoes, parsley, cherries, zuchinni, and lots of other stuff.

The quality, especially the taste, between those, and other vegetables that you can buy, at a supermarket here is so much higher from there: Home grown vegetables, versus internationally imported vegs.

I’ll have a picture up… soon