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TEAM School Closures

We’ve been hard at work in school closures, and had a new addition to our team last week: Tevin Campbell. We spent this week sort of regrouping after our pitches, and taking some time to get to know our new member and some of the issues he’d like to tackle with the subject of school closures as well.

So far, our focus has been on the Regents Tests and how these affect School closings, and education in general. However, in the last meeting some of the curiosity raised some larger questions- mostly why do some schools stay open and some don’t?

We’re lucky that our media makers are so close to the subject of school closings (most have some experience or know people whose schools have closed) and are excited to have the opportunity to explore these themes. We know what the Board of Education holds as standards (graduation rate, test scores) but what are the perspectives of those involved that we don’t usually hear from? How does this shape the education landscape?

Since we now have a third person and new ideas, we decided to take one step back and one more week to gel together a written project statement where our young media makers will write now exactly what they want to say and accomplish with this piece.

Having a written statement by next week will help put us all on the same page, with a specific goal and message, so we can start putting together a plan and talking to people (we are VERY aware of the deadlines, and have a rolling list of contacts, but we feel that this is a crucial step in our process before we take any further steps.)