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TEAM NYC School Closures: Helpful tool

An organizational tool that we found really helpful during this process was… to create a Google Document that would keep track of our footage! Simple, yes.  We outlined what footage we had already logged and captured, we also made note (in pink) of the footage that would be captured that week and who would be getting the footage (audio, video, photography, archival.)  In the doc. we listed photographs, archival footage, b-roll and interviews that were collected, almost like an online filing cabinet.  Everyone had access to the document so whenever they gathered something new they could add it.  This also really helped when it was time to edit our footage because we had a lot…  Here is what our CLIP Organizer ended up looking like:


Happy Editing!


Team NYC School Closings hard at work!

Yesterday Tevin worked in Final Cut on the opening scene (intro) to our documentary on school closing.  Before he put it together in Final Cut he was wrote out a StoryBoard to help organize his ideas. 

scene 1: Blank screen-bell rings-song plays ( soft instrumental piano)-words fade in on the screen about school closures- blank screen fade out to an interview

scene 2: fade back to blank screen-words fade in-fade out to interview ( teacher)

scene 3: fade into blank screen-more words-fade out to interview ( student)



Imani sorted through some quotes to open the documentary film.  She settled on one from John Dewy; “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  Imani was also hard at work creating title cards from the documentary which ranged from the title of the doc. to statistics regarding school closures in NYC.


We have a great deal of editing left but it is all coming together slowly but surely. Looking forward to seeing everyones work next week!