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Time To Edit


Today we learned how to edit videos, and each of the videos came out perfect for out first time of course. Shola already knew that our videos were going to be great. In the beginning however, everything was considered very rough, learning the basics is already one of the hardest parts of learning anything new and IMovie was no different.  Image

After learning the basics we decided to go downstairs in the basement and attempt to use our new skills on a practice video, in which each of us worked on a different part of the same video , a horrible basketball game that was played in Harlem. Unsurprisingly, each video turned out to be a comedy, it was pretty hard for the video not to be a comedy considering all of the plays were all failures, good times. Now that everybody has experience in video editing, next week, we are on our way back out to get more interviews in the area.Image


We Have Our Rights

Last week, our project had a small addition to the overall topic of the project, which was supposedly women’s rights, but our minds were shifted when a guess speaker visited The New School. The guest speaker was a employee from the non-profit organization known as the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), and the conversation that we had with her was very informative when it came to how people view the police in our city. Our conversation started with her introducing to us what CCRB is and what they do for their community, which was fight for the rights of people who said they had their rights abused or excessive force was used when they came in contact or maybe even confrontation with the police. Some people who visit the CCRB are people who actually have a legitamite complaint, but some people however do not. We spoke on how some people who come to the CCRB to file a complaint are actually in the wrong. Some people who stated that the police used excessive force actually spoke back and decided to resist arrest, and thus, the CCRB could not win the case for that person.

We discussed the ways to avoid police confrontation when approached by a policeman or woman. This discussion allowed us to change our project from only women’s rights, to people’s rights, which will include the rights of men and women, and possibly even how the police feel about this. We are attempting to gather information form as many people as possible, primarily from the areas that file the most complaints about their rights being abused by police and even by other people.