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Over the weekend I’ve been interviewing a couple of people for their opinions on school closures in New York City. I interviewed a former student of Ross Global Academy who was there when the school shut down, Caitlyn, and I asked her what it was like to basically be abandoned by the public school system.

These are a few questions I asked her:  

1: Name/Age/School you attend
2:What does a good education mean to you?
3:How are you doing in school?
4:Is getting a good education important to you?
5:In your current school are you and your parents really involved?
6:Tell me about the process that the school went through when it shut down?
7:What happened to all the kids?
8:Is there a way to prevent School closures
9:Why do you think schools even close down?
10:Whose fault is it? Students/Teachers/Principles/parents/Governments?
11:When RGA closed, do you think it was a positive or negative experience?
12: Do you feel abandoned in anyway?


Bio: Imani

I’m Imani, I’m 17, and I live in New York City. I love movies, creating all forms of art, baking, winter, comic books, tofu, riding bikes, thrift stores, counter cultures, and Frank Sinatra. I like standing up and helping the “little” people of the world.

Educational problems have always upset/interest me. I go to school in New York City, which means there are an endless possibility of schools to go to, with an endless amount of problems as well. I’ve gone to several schools in my life. So I’ve seen first hand the different types of schools, and problems that each have. For instance, the gap between rich and poor schools. Racial differences and how certain schools with a certain ethnic background are treated better and have more funding. I think this project is perfect for me, because I am a student, and who’s opinion about education in nyc is better than ours?