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This week Shola went out of the country so Alex took over to be mentor in our group. In the group so far Amanda is drawing pictures of protestors and political cartoons on the police as b roll for the people with audio interviews. Jovon didn’t attend meeting on thursday but will meet with Alex on saturday to get b roll. He has interview Ex- polices and police. As for me fanny, i am finding b rolls on google that would fit with the interviews and also editing Our interviewee in union square park.

We look foward to making this video happen. I hope everyone likes it on the day of the screening


week 2 option 2

On week 2, we went to 14th st union square to interview people about the police activity and where or not they feel safe about this community. we manage to interview about 5 people which is a great thing. we hope we will be interviewing people who are cops and see what they think. 

what special about our activity is that it raises awareness about how the police acts towards people and what they should do when they are stop by the police. 

we are going to tell the friends around us. and we are going to use youtube and facebook and raise awareness about the police activity going on in New York city.