Over the weekend I’ve been interviewing a couple of people for their opinions on school closures in New York City. I interviewed a former student of Ross Global Academy who was there when the school shut down, Caitlyn, and I asked her what it was like to basically be abandoned by the public school system.

These are a few questions I asked her:  

1: Name/Age/School you attend
2:What does a good education mean to you?
3:How are you doing in school?
4:Is getting a good education important to you?
5:In your current school are you and your parents really involved?
6:Tell me about the process that the school went through when it shut down?
7:What happened to all the kids?
8:Is there a way to prevent School closures
9:Why do you think schools even close down?
10:Whose fault is it? Students/Teachers/Principles/parents/Governments?
11:When RGA closed, do you think it was a positive or negative experience?
12: Do you feel abandoned in anyway?


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