Environment: Progress 2

(aka Week 4 but then it wouldn’t seem chronological. Also thanks a lot Georgiana and Benjamin for stealing my post it show me how much you appreciate my work >:D)

Challenges that we face involve planning and time. Because we’re doing stop-motion, planning out as precisely as possible would be ideal. However, with my so-called-partner-in-crime-aka-Ayumu missing 3 days in the past two weeks due to unavailability, thinking about and finalizing the script by myself is difficult. If I had all the time in the world to handle with this project instead of having to deal with last minute tests (SATII’s on Saturday and I’ve only started cramming today! yay!), essays (eleven days left and I haven’t even started! yay!), projects (a group project due in 7 days and we haven’t even talked about it! yay!) and finals in the last few weeks of school, it would be more manageable. (Also, Sara’s going to be gone for a week so we have to get some serious work done!)

However, on the bright side, production itself has become less daunting because we have completed the first of four (if we’re not tossing this scene out due to the crookedness of the board) scenes. Also, we’ve come up with a sort-of short cut, but not really a short cut, if you see what I’m saying. Now, if only we could narrow down our two most important scenes — where the heart of the information is.

At this point, these challenges seem a little daunting. After all, time in this world in this world is pretty limited. It’s not like I could magically add three more hours to a day, right? Well, for those tests and essays, I’ll probably spend my morning train ride to school studying and writing essays instead of napping. As for that project? Hahahahaha… For that planning out the script before we meet again on Tuesday? I’ll start spamming Ayumu and nag him to help me. For my part, hopefully inspiration will strike.

What I am excited about is seeing this entire project unfold and finalize itself in the next thirty days. Our start seems to be pretty good, and it’s the little details and efforts that we put into this project into becoming successful. Even the music, which is a major issue right now (we haven’t even thought about it yet…) plays a major part in changing the video from just pictures moving on a screen to a meaningful video. Piecing everything together is a long way off from where we are right now, but it’ll happen.

-brb spamming Ayumu on facebook-

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