Bio: Ayumu

Hello everyone I am Ayumu Nishikubo. I come from Japanese and American decent. My father is from Japan although he has lived in America longer then Japan. As for my mother she is just a city woman who grew up in the suburbs. I prefer to represent myself as a out stander like the black & yellow cow in a herd of sheep. Well, not as dramatically like that but I prefer not to be just another sheep in the herd of the world. I enjoy making people laugh, I’m commonly told I should be a comedian but I would prefer a career in media. I go to Quest To Learn, a digital media design school based on video game theory. I love Q2L (Quest To Learn) and will be the first graduating class. In my spare time I like to either play videogames or hanging out with friends. But recently I have been extremely busy with school and out of school projects/work so I may seem like I’m rushing or tired all the time. I also contain a remarkable ability to relax/sleep for hours on end. I see myself with a career in technology and media probably working on entertainment and videogames.


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