Environment: Progress 1

I was pitching our goal statement last week, I realized that our ideas were still a little broad and not yet specified.

My goal statement last week is as follows:

“With the use of a video as a media device, we hope to remind people of the major problem of pollution that is a growing problem with the diminishing number of people who actually take initiative in combating this problem. In order to convey message, we hope to point out how the pollution in New York City itself has become a major blind spot for all people. The New York City Green Initiative itself fails to less the severity of this problem, which is probably a major reason why the urge to push for reversing pollution is not as motivational as it should be.  However, the attempts of smaller greenspaces initiated by individuals has been proven to make a change, despite its much smaller scale. In presenting this problem, we also have the solution that anyone can contribute to combating against pollution by doing little things such as planting a tree. In order to make this video more suitable for our peer groups as the audience, an animation will be used to mock the failed attempts of government; in implanting these beliefs into the audience, this will motivate the future generation to take a greater stand in the fight against pollution.”

In much fewer words, the agenda (revised) is as follows:

1) Re-establish the problem of pollution (esp air pollution)
2) Educate on green initiative
3) What the government has been doing…
4) Why we should care
5) How anyone can help: plant trees – it’s already being done by many

Despite my very bold statement that the number of people attempting to combat pollution is decreasing, there is no solid evidence to back this up except from the viewpoint of an average New Yorker (me). The main reason why I chose pollution as a major problem for the city is that I have visited New Haven where these is much less pollution because of less cars, as well as Hong Kong where the air pollution is great due to their abundance of cars and smokers. This leaves New York in the middle as a city that can go to either ends of the spectrum.

In the process of researching the government’s involvement in changing New York City for the better, I found that there IS actually improvement within New York. According to Wikipedia, New York City is one of the most environmentally friendly in regards to recycling (paper and water-wise) and energy efficiency (namely public transportation and green building). Also, in discussing New York City’s transformation from the 1970’s to today in English class, I found out that Guiliani helped the city improve overall from a city with ghetto-filled districts to a more civilized one it is today. These changes are slow yet steady changes that continue to take form.

In overview, I feel that the problem with concerning ourselves with pollution lies in the fact that it is difficult to make the 8 million New Yorkers care. This video should suit the purposes of educating New Yorkers what is being done to beautify the city, why it is important to do so, and encouraging all sorts of people to take part in this movement.

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