Bio: Fanny


My name is Fang er, but everyone calls me fanny instead. I like learning, talking, reading, and watching about politics. I’m born in People’s Republic of China and moved to the United States when i was seven years old. I will someday be moving back to China. I am a very emotional person and I love to cry about the little things. At first when I came to the People’s production, I wasn’t planning to join and didn’t want to join, but when I enter eyebeam and was told to sit down and complete an assignment gave by merisa, I actually enjoyed myself and I came back weeks after that. Though there were times that I wanted to quit because I didn’t understand what I’m suppose to do, i went through with it. I’m the type of person to only continue with something if I like it, if I didn’t like it it’s very hard for me to continue on. After the internship I didn’t want to join the Externship but somehow my friend Imani got me to come. For some reasons that I don’t even know, I decided to stay. I’m not good with technology and the only thing I know about computers is probably go on the internet. I am a very picky person when it comes to everything and I have very high standards that sometimes my friends would think that I’m crazy. My favorite season is summer and I dislike the winter especially Winters in New York. I love to eat vegetables but I’m not a vegetarian. I love to watch Chinese comedy movies and listen to music. I don’t like to watch scary movies because I get really paranoid. I also love to watch movies that have animals in it especially horses, For the last 16 years I’ve been trying to convince my mother to buy a dog for me but she says no all the time. I envy all the people in the whole who has their own dog to play with. I’m a person that doesn’t like changes.and strange places. (changes like flavor, house, room, bed, etc) I love to sleep and I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime. I hate seafood and I think I’m allergic to spice, and my favorite flavor is sour. I eat all kinds of fruits except for bananas, mango, etc.

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