Bio: Amanda

Hola. My name is Amanda. How did I end up in this program that I am in now? Good question. I go to a high school called Academy for Young Writers. One day my counselor said that a teacher needed about two to three students who were interested in art and technology for a internship. In my head I’m like “Yes all about this!” Which moved on to Eyebeam and then the Journalism field, if that’s what it’s called. And now I’m typing a Bio. Things to know would probably be my passion for art. Or anything that’s art related for that matter. I am 100% devoted to doing what I have to do to make it in the art industry. Being that free time is on my hands a lot I mostly read or watch movies. Some people would say I am dead in a way which is weird but I have a tone that is not too enthusiastic but it’s there… Way deep, and that I’m funny and out going but I don’t really see the out going as much as I see the shy. I would have to say that this year I have been out of my comfort zone simply because I applied to a lot of activities that I wouldn’t normally. There you have it though. My name is Amanda. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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