Bio: Casey

Hi! My name is Casey Ching and I am currently a Junior who is on the search of a dream (rather, dreams?). With one older sister and one younger brother, I am stuck in the middle with the huge task of taking care of them (this, however, has made me pretty good at taking care of people in general). I believe I am a well-rounded person as I am pretty flexible to new ideas and experiencing new things. I am both artistically, intellectually, and good-willedly (can’t find the right word at the moment) motivated. I play both the piano and the cello (yay music!); I draw and make things out of paper (it’s pretty vague, but yeah…); I am a bit of a math-sciencey person (depending on which branch of science); I am a slight grammar Nazi (just slightly); I tutor children at the library on Saturdays (giving back to the community). I also like animals in general (three cats, one snail, and one frog in my house at the moment).

Environment and how it is maintained has become a great concern. In the past, the pollution in both the air and on the ground didn’t really bother me — it was just something that I couldn’t fix so I just ignored it as everyone else does today. However, taking a trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, I realized just how bad the condition of New York City was. Littering is illegal in HK, so despite its similarity to NYC in its city-like nature, the cleanliness is incomparable. Furthermore, the number of people smoking in HK is much greater in NYC, making it practically unbearable to go for a walk there without any smoke getting in your face. With this visit, I was able to contrast the conditions of NYC with HK’s. With having another city to compare it to, I found that the condition of NYC should and could be changed. Furthermore, upon my three week visit to New Haven, CT last summer, I realized just how different it was to be able to breathe in fresh air any time I wanted (the morning air was the best) while I was outside as opposed to having to worry about all sorts of pollutants flying into your nose no matter where you are in NYC. Although the air is “okay” now, there is no telling what will happen in the future.

2 responses to “Bio: Casey

  1. “I am a slight grammar Nazi”
    I am too sometimes!

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